ADA Regulations require ADA Signs with Braille and Tactile Letters indicating a room's use (restroom, closet, etc.) and/or number. The signs must have raised and contrasting characters (text and ADA pictograms) marking permanent rooms and spaces where the sign is not likely to change over time. Rooms that change functions can be numbered only with a changeable area to mark the current function.  Also, slots with windows can be made in the signs allowing occupant names to change on offices.

Rooms and places for ADA Signs include restrooms, exits, stairwells, elevators, numbered rooms, offices, storerooms, closets and any room that has an identification. 

Even if an ADA Sign is not required, the extra cost to upgrade a room sign to ADA is likely worth it to 1) make sure you are in compliance and 2) keep the uniformity of the building signage.

Talk to us about what you are doing and we can recommend what you need. After we agree on a plan, Marietta Signs will design, manufacture and install the signs for you.