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Channel Letters - A Shining Sign for your Customers


Marketing for your company can be tough at times and especially standing out from other establishments! Luckily here at Marietta Signs, we have the perfect solution for you! Our channel letter signs will have you sticking out and shining against your competitors. Our shop offers channel letters on a raceway that light out the front and direct to wall mount letters that shine with a halo effect. With our channel letters we’ll have your store shining and being seen from miles around! Especially at night, your sign sticks out more than most! Another benefit included with channel letters is the pure durability of these signs. These signs are made out of durable LED lights, aluminum and polycarbonate. Our signs can withstand the coldest winters and the hottest summers with no sweat! We assure you our best materials and our best workers will have your job done swiftly.  

We can handle any design that your heart desires for your sign. We hope to help you stick out from the crowd and show more of what your business means to you. These letters can match any theme a business is trying to keep or convey. We have helped many establishments grow over the years just because of our channel letters! We offer all of our services from the beginning to the end of sign making and installing! If you’re curious, give us a call!

Here our staff can help take a load of stress off your back by giving you a free estimate, designing, and installing! Contact us today at 770-435-4141 or at info@mariettasigns.com 

Below are channel letters on a raceway that have America's colors!

Channel Letter Sign on Raceway, channel letter signs, outdoor letters for signs


Below are channel letters done for a cute donut shop! These are mounted directly to the building.

Channel Letters attached directly to building, direct mount lighted channel letters

Last but not least we have direct mount channel letters done for Martin's!

Direct Mount Channel Letter Sign, Channel Letter Sign on Raceway, channel letter signs, outdoor letters for signs, martins restaurant sign