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School Entrance Signs - Time For An Update?

If you have helped maintain a school for a number of years there is the question: Does your monument sign look the best it can be? The correct answer is probably debatable, but we think it is always a safe bet to think of the future. Your school sign is the first thing every student and parent sees when pulling up to your school. Their first impression of your school should be a sign that gives them the hope that you've built a trusted, established, clean, and safe school that any kid or college student would want to go to.

Your school sign is your greatest tool without you even realizing it! Your messages on your school sign are perfect for community outreach! Every announcement you need parents to know before pulling into your school can be right there! No matter the type of school sign you get, it's a necessary tool that your school needs to connect to its community.

Marietta Signs has worked on many different types of school signs pictured below! We know how stressful picking out the perfect sign can be, so that’s why we're here. From the beginning to the design and manufacturing process to the end, we want to assure you we’ll help every step of the way. Talk to us and we will help you from concept to design to permitting to material selection to manufacturing and installation.  Contact us today at 770-435-4141 or at info@mariettasigns.com 

Entrance Sign - School
Amana Academy - Girl Scouts Entrance Sign


Main Entrance Sign with Manual Readerboard for messages to Students and ParentsSchool sign, monument sign, advertising for school