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Understanding LED Message Center Signs!

LED display signs are a powerful marketing tool that can help your business stand out. At Marietta Signs, we understand the technology behind these signs and can help you design the perfect LED electronic message center for your business.

An LED display sign is made up of tiny diodes that emit light in a variety of colors. For monochrome signs, the diodes display various shades of either red or amber. For full-color displays, the diodes emit red, blue, or green light, which can be combined to produce additional colors. These diodes are grouped together in pixels, which directly affect the quality of the image displayed on the sign. The more pixels a display has, the smoother the lines and greater the detail.

The distance between each pixel is called the pitch, which is calculated from the center of one pixel to the center of another. A smaller pitch means the pixels are closer together, resulting in higher image quality. Think of it like drawing with dots on a piece of paper. A smaller pitch means more dots per inch, which makes it easier to create a realistic image. In contrast, a larger pitch results in a jagged and less recognizable image.

The matrix represents the total number of pixels that the display front will hold. It is expressed as length or rows X width or columns. The largest LED display sign in the USA can be found at Cowboy Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) in Arlington, TX. This sign has a pixel matrix of 1,088 by 2,432, which equates to over 2 million pixels in one display! Visitors to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 were also able to see one of the world's largest color LED signs, which was designed using solar power and covered over 24,000 square feet.

Whether you're looking to break a record with the next largest LED message center sign or something a bit smaller, Marietta Signs can help you decide what size and design will work best for your business. Contact us today!


Best Material for My Sign

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